The ReStore is able to offer an eclectic mix of products to our shoppers due to generous gifts from our donors. When Ernie Wheeler, from Manassas Granite & Marble, decided to retire and close his business, his wife suggested that he contact the Habitat for Humanity ReStore to see if we’d like any of the materials they still had on hand. We received eight racks of granite slabs that are suitable for vanity tops, shelves and other projects. Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler and Manassas Granite & Marble!

The slide show features some other unique items that were in the ReStore this week. Donate Monday – Friday, 9 – 6, and Saturday, 9 – 5. Shop Tuesday – Friday, 9 – 6, and Saturday, 9 – 5. To see other fun items throughout the week, visit our Facebook pages: HabitatReStore.Manassas and HabitatPrinceWilliam!



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