Nailhead trim is used as an embellishment for contemporary and traditional furniture and it often elevates the look of a piece to near-art! We have several pieces in stock using the highly decorative nailhead trim. In the photos below, you’ll also find items that don’t have nailhead trim and they are super-cool, too.

Plush couch in cool grey in Manassas

No nailheads, but this basket-weave deck set of furniture is beautiful. In Manassas on 2-19-18.

Accent chairs and ottomans in Manassas

Super contemporary dresser will make your room pop! In Manassas on 2-19-18.

A fabulous, contemporary dining room set with seating for eight in Manassas on 2-19-18.

Way-cool chaise lounge. In Manassas on 2-19-18.

Those criss-cross legs are a style of their own! In Manassas on 2-19-18.

Another shiny, contemporary object to add flair to your home. In Manassas on 2-19-18.

More chaise lounges. In Manassas on 2-19-18.

The lamp in front is pretty and traditional. Those lights in back, though…someone is going to have some fun. In Manassas on 2-19-18.

More nailheads. This would go well with that pretty, traditional lamp. In Manassas on 2-19-18.

Okay, this doesn’t have nailheads but it would brighten your deck. Think about getting it along with those great deck chairs and end table (above). In Manassas on 2-19-18.

Stanley buffet in Woodbridge 2-20-18.

Upholstered bed frame in Woodbridge 2-20-18.

Stainless sink wraps around a corner. In Woodbridge on 2-20-18.

Update your bedroom. In Woodbridge 2-20-18.

Beautiful dining room chairs in Woodbridge 2-20-18.

Copper cookware in Woodbridge 2-20-18.

Fun bar! In Woodbridge 2-20-18.

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