Wudasie Retta believes in miracles. In 2014, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She prayed and prayed and just as chemotherapy was to begin, the doctor informed her that there were no longer any signs of cancer. A decade ago, she waited for word from God before accepting the proposal of marriage from her husband, Tesfaye Abuye. Three years ago, prayer led Wudasie and Tesfaye to bring their family to America  through the Diversity Visa lottery. And today, another prayer is coming true as Wudasie and Tesfaye become Family Partners with Habitat for Humanity Prince William County to become homeowners.

Wudasie and Tesfaye have three children. Kidus is nine but has a soul that is much older. He says “I have the emotion of my Mom, ‘looks’ like my Dad.” His sister, Haleluya, age seven, agreed, citing with respect her older brother’s connection to their mother. Levi, age two, doesn’t comment too much yet. He was born in America and is busy watching and learning from his older siblings.

Wudasie and Tesfaye have been working at Wal-Mart since they arrived. Wudasie has a degree in marketing from Queens College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Tesfaye was a certified welder in Ethiopia. But, also, he owned a peanut-butter manufacturing business. Both are working to better their prospects in America. Already, Wudasie has received her Certified Nursing Assistant license. Tesfaye is certified to drive a taxi. Kidus and Haleluya are bringing home exceptional report cards. And Levi is listening to everyone’s heart with his toy stethoscope.

The family will purchase a home on Central Park Drive in Woodbridge from Habitat for Humanity once the townhome is rehabbed. We hope that you’ll join us in prayer and through your contributions of time, money and materials to make this family’s home ownership dreams come true.