Ti Meredith is passionate about helping others

She’s a volunteer EMT and her jobs focus on helping those who suffer from substance addictions. Ti drives people to their substance abuse counseling appointments and serves on the Board of a volunteer fire and rescue company. She also interns with group therapy programs at an addiction counseling center.

Ti loves being a mom to two adult children

Her son and daughter both work and go to school. Both children like to visit Ti’s home, though they prefer to visit during warm weather since Ti’s home lacks heat.

After divorcing in 2012

Ti purchased a home built in the Lake Jackson area in 1936. She spent her savings to replace the roof. However, the electricity needs to come up to code, the exterior needs to be painted, insulation needs to be added and the ceiling need to be replaced in a room that had water damage before the roof was repaired. Two space heaters currently provide the only source of heat. Ti feels very safe in her neighborhood and is close to her neighbors.

Ti reached out to Habitat for help

We want to restore her home and give Ti the feeling of security she needs.

You, me, we — we’re all humans. Every single one of us deserves the opportunity for a better future. Will you help us provide Home Repairs for Ti and others this year?

Give securely online at www.habitatpwc.org/give