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On Thursday, June 19, 10 employees from Raise the Roof Sponsor ACI Worldwide volunteered at family partner, Maria Schuller’s Manassas Park home. ACI volunteers Pam Conner, Tella Fetters, Edwin Gomez, Janelle Gruber, Elliott Heapes, Jessica Santos, Natalie Schimmelbusch, Anita Van Der Merwe, Mandy Walters and Kachia Wright helped habitat install insulation and weatherize the crawl space.

In addition to all their hard work, the group brought a check for $525.77 to the work site and presented it to Habitat. The check was the result of fundraising efforts that the employees coordinated. We are so thankful for their gifts!

Thanks so much to Peggy Jones who donated lunch! Please view the photo gallery!

On Saturday, June 21, volunteers Tara Bowen, Roberto Estrella, Ben Jahn and Vladimir Morales installed insulation in the walls, cleaned surfaces and got the house ready for Maria to move back in now that the mold remediation is finished.

Many thanks to Micron Technology, Inc. for their

Home Crafter sponsorship!
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Thanks to ACI Worldwide for their Raise the Roof Sponsorship!



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