Norma Baker is raising two boys, Johann and Anthony, ages 10 and 12, in a trailer in Bull Run Mobile Home Park where she has lived since 2006. Despite some major roof repairs that are needed, her home is well kept with a lovely front porch where she and the boys can enjoy the outdoors in mild weather. The boys attend Yorkshire Elementary and Parkside Middle schools and while Johann hasn’t figured out what he wants to be when he grows up, Anthony has a keen interest in becoming a police officer. For now, he’s busy playing football (and video games, of course.)

Norma works as a Home Health Aide. For fun, she and the boys like to visit a flea market in Winchester where they can get out in the fresh air and walk around, taking in all the treasures at the tables. Norma’s main goal in life is “being healthy with my kids.”

The roof of Norma’s trailer is severely damaged from age and the ceilings inside are compromised. The front porch is pulling away from the trailer and needs to be stabilized so that it won’t eventually collapse. It’s everyone’s basic hope and need to have a roof over their head. We’d like to make this home safe and stable for Norma and her children and we’d love to have your help! Please join us with your donations and volunteer time. We look forward to working with you.