Suhagi and Vashishtha Dave believe in the American Dream.

Born in Queens, New York, Suhagi lived there only a year or two before her family moved to New Delhi, India. Her father worked for the United Nations, and, as the youngest of her siblings, she went around the world with him to assignments in Sri Lanka, Dubai, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. Eventually she met and married Vashishtha Dave, who was raised in northern India and served in the Indian Navy.

After marriage, Suhagi and Vashishtha decided to move to the United States to provide a better education for their children. At 35 years old, Vashishtha left the Navy, and the family moved to New York in search of the American Dream.

Unfortunately, the dream did not come easily and business losses took a toll. When the economy took a turn again beginning in 2007, the couple struggled to maintain their business. Vashishtha’s health suffered and he survived three strokes, eventually submitting to open heart surgery. Despite the hardship, the Daves remain in their home in Lake Ridge. The roof, however, is in need of replacement, and drywall and window repairs are needed. A dilapidated shed will be removed, and fence repairs made.

We’re ready to give the Daves a “hand up” and hope you’ll join us with your donations and volunteer time. We look forward to working with you!