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There’s just two weeks left till Christmas and there’s plenty in store for you and your loved ones at the ReStores in Woodbridge and Manassas. Whether you need to replace a refrigerator, or add one to the garage to store Christmas cookies…create a new look in a guest bedroom, or spruce up your own…or pick up a new Christmas tree, ornaments or Christmas decor…you’ll find something fun and fresh at the ReStore. Come in to visit! Here’s a preview..

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Three weeks till Christmas

Plenty of time to finish some home projects with materials you’ll find at the Habitat ReStores in Manassas and Woodbridge! Bring your excess materials in as a year-end donation. We’ll give you an acknowledgment of your donation for use on your taxes. Here are some fabulous items that were stocked this week:

Half moon cabinet in Woodbridge

Couch and ottoman in Manassas

Buffet in Woodbridge

Bed frame in Manassas


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Guests coming into town and you need to clean house? Please bring your gently used, unwanted furniture, appliances, tools, home decor and building materials to the Habitat ReStores in Woodbridge and Manassas. And, if you need some home updates, check out what has come into the store this week. Here’s a sample:

Santa’s sleigh (in Woodbridge). We have Christmas decorations at both stores!

Acrylic ceiling fan in Manassas

Changing table in Woodb..

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It’s the season of gratitude and with Thanksgiving in two days, we’d like to say thank YOU! Thank you for your interest in Habitat for Humanity, in the families whose homes we repair and the families who wish to become home owners. We are grateful to our donors, our volunteers, our family partners, our customers at the ReStore and our advocates for safe and stable housing in our community.  We wish you the best over the holiday!

The Manassas a..

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favorite finds

The holidays are upon us and many people are cleaning house and sending a huge variety of items to the Habitat ReStores in Manassas and Woodbridge. Thank you to all our donors for your support. Your donations are always our favorite find.

Beautiful desk in Manassas

Seating in Woodbridge

Built-in coffee/espresso/cappuccino/latte maker in Manassas. It does everything coffee.

Side table with wine bottle holder in Woodbridge

 Shelves in Manas..

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People have been asking for it and we’ve delivered! Christmas trees and home decor are starting to find their way onto the floor at both the Habitat ReStores in Manassas and Woodbridge. And other donations, too! Come see what’s new this week at the ReStore.

Warm up at the hearth (in Manassas)

Plan for extra holiday seating (in Woodbridge)

Brighten the long winter hours with a new lighting fixture (in Manassas)

Plan to feed the masses for ho..

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Happy Halloween from the Habitat for Humanity ReStores in Manassas and Woodbridge. Here’s a peek at the treats our two locations have available this week:

Dining set in Manassas

Dining set in Woodbridge

Designer wicker furniture in Manassas

Designer floating vanity and lighted mirror in Woodbridge

Saws in Manassas

Cork in Woodbridge

Vanity in Manassas

Tubs in Woodbridge

Lighting in Manassas

Double oven in Woodbridge

Leather seating in..

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Your support for the ReStore – through donations, volunteer time and purchases – helps us accomplish projects like the home repair for a Manassas Veteran we’re working on now. Here are some photos of delightful items that were in the ReStore this week!

Youth bunk bed and desk in Manassas

Furniture in Woodbridge

Sturdy lounge chair in Manassas

Demilune hanging shelf in Woodbridge

Vanity top in Manassas

Vanity top with sink basin in Woodbri..

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Fall into savings at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore – Manassas and Habitat ReStore – Woodbridge!

Seasonal decor and lovely shelving in Woodbridge

This eye catching table is in Manassas.

A shiny dryer in Woodbridge.

Beautiful display cabinets in Manassas.

A modern display cabinet in Woodbridge.

Feeling a little chilled as the season changes? Our Manassas location has a variety of heaters for you.

You can also warm yourself up by a new fireplac..

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A young lady walked into the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Woodbridge with her Dad two weeks ago and told the Woodbridge ReStore Manager, Beverly Moreno, that she wanted to make a cash donation. She handed over $40 and that’s all we would have known if Beverly hadn’t quickly thought to ask her name and capture a phone number. While we waited for a return phone call from the young lady’s parents, the next Saturday a young man walked into the s..

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