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Ask several people what “neighborhood blight” means to them and you might hear a lot of different descriptions, ranging from the relatively minor “yard next door hasn’t been mowed for a month” to the major “burned out house at the end of the block has been sitting empty for years”. Ask them how it makes them feel, however, and fear, anger and sadness are the overwhelming response according to groups that are studying the issue around the countr..

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Put some engineers, top administrative staff and highly-skilled management on a volunteer team, and you’re going to see some major results! Thanks to the dynamos from BAE Systems who helped us move a whole lot of merchandise onto the sales floor on Saturday, Jim S., Angell, Suzie, Dottie, Jim W., David and Jeff. We can use YOUR help this week. The Manassas ReStore is open six days a week, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Monday – Friday and 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. on ..

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Construction at the Bragg Lane Rehab in Manassas will be completed and sold to Family Partner, Armando Vargas, before the end of the year. We use tax-deductible donations of money and materials and volunteer labor to build or rehab homes in partnership with families who face significant challenges in becoming homeowners.

Partner families are qualified based on their need for housing, their ability to pay for a mortgage, and their willingness t..

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The Bull Run Rotary Club’s first-ever Rev it up for Rotary event took place on Friday, 9/25, at the Harris Pavilion in Historic Downtown Manassas. In addition to antique cars, food trucks, a beer truck and a band…Elvis showed up! Barbara Beverage, who volunteered for the event and Tammy Perkins, Habitat’s Programs Coordinator, confirmed the sighting with these photos.
Barbara Beverage and ElvisTammy and Elvis
Habitat for Humanity Prince William County is a beneficiary of the event..

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We are looking for a volunteer group or two to help us tackle two Woodbridge clean-ups while the vegetation is still growing. The two sites are about 9 – 10 miles apart so they could possibly be done by one group working the whole day.

A location on Jeff Davis Highway consists of a large quantity of Kudzu that has severely overgrown a neighboring chain link fence as well as some shorter trees. It needs to be cut back and the roots need to be r..

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IMG_1011Now hiring for the ReStore Manager position at the Manassas ReStore

Join our team during this exciting time of transition and expansion for the Habitat ReStore. The Manassas ReStore is moving later this fall to the former Food Lion location at 10159 Hastings Drive, Manassas. There is a lot of work to be done to prepare for the relocation of the Manassas store and the opening of our second store in Woodbridge. Combined, there’ll be more than 58,..

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The Manassas ReStore is moving later this fall to the former Food Lion location at 10159 Hastings Drive, Manassas. In late winter, a second store will open in Woodbridge.


The exterior of the Manassas location at 10159 Hastings Drive, Manassas. 


The new Manassas location will have 38,541 s.f. of shopping and receiving space for building materials, tools, furniture and household items.

The Woodbridge ReStore will be located at 14055 Noblewoo..

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BadWolf Brewing Company, Manassas’ first craft beer brewery, recently opened in their new, expanded location at 8420 Kao Circle in Manassas. They upcycled pallets from the ReStore for their bar and office areas. What a beautiful use of materials that would have been thrown in the landfill (see more photos below). The ReStore has lots of pallets in stock right now for your next upcycling project. Visit the Manassas store at 9506 Center Street f..

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IMG_1001Join me in welcoming our new Programs Coordinator, Tammy Perkins!

Some of you may already know Tammy from her years of work in the community both with Transitional Housing BARN and with Colgan Air. Tammy was the Community Resources Manager for BARN and her work at Habitat for Humanity will be a positive extension of her daily activities there.

Tammy will work with applicants and family partners to help them become homeowners and to help them wi..

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