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Happy Halloween from the Habitat for Humanity ReStores in Manassas and Woodbridge. Here’s a peek at the treats our two locations have available this week:

Dining set in Manassas

Dining set in Woodbridge

Designer wicker furniture in Manassas

Designer floating vanity and lighted mirror in Woodbridge

Saws in Manassas

Cork in Woodbridge

Vanity in Manassas

Tubs in Woodbridge

Lighting in Manassas

Double oven in Woodbridge

Leather seating in..

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Your support for the ReStore – through donations, volunteer time and purchases – helps us accomplish projects like the home repair for a Manassas Veteran we’re working on now. Here are some photos of delightful items that were in the ReStore this week!

Youth bunk bed and desk in Manassas

Furniture in Woodbridge

Sturdy lounge chair in Manassas

Demilune hanging shelf in Woodbridge

Vanity top in Manassas

Vanity top with sink basin in Woodbri..

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Fall into savings at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore – Manassas and Habitat ReStore – Woodbridge!

Seasonal decor and lovely shelving in Woodbridge

This eye catching table is in Manassas.

A shiny dryer in Woodbridge.

Beautiful display cabinets in Manassas.

A modern display cabinet in Woodbridge.

Feeling a little chilled as the season changes? Our Manassas location has a variety of heaters for you.

You can also warm yourself up by a new fireplac..

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A young lady walked into the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Woodbridge with her Dad two weeks ago and told the Woodbridge ReStore Manager, Beverly Moreno, that she wanted to make a cash donation. She handed over $40 and that’s all we would have known if Beverly hadn’t quickly thought to ask her name and capture a phone number. While we waited for a return phone call from the young lady’s parents, the next Saturday a young man walked into the s..

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You’ll find lots of “special” at the Habitat for Humanity ReStores in Manassas and Woodbridge—especially “special” products, prices and people! Here’s a peek into the two store’s inventory this week:

This vintage farm table is really cool! In Manassas

Wow! Beautifully painted cabinet with a folk art style. In Woodbridge

A nice selection of outdoor seating in Manassas

And a picnic table in Woodbridge

Bathroom hardware in Manassas

Vanity ..

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Welcome to October, everyone! It’s time to start planning the home remodeling tasks that need to be completed before the holidays. Swing by the Habitat ReStores in Manassas and Woodbridge to find great deals on building materials, furniture, home decor, tools, appliances and more! Here are some ideas of products you’ll find that will take care of your home from top to bottom:

Replacement windows (these are in Manassas)

Plumbing fixtures (in W..

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Furniture in Manassas

Baker’s Rack in Woodbridge

Individual cabinets in Manassas (there are cabinet sets, too!)

Small appliances in Woodbridge

Stylish dresser in Manassas

Dining chairs in Woodbridge

Tile in Manassas

Tile in Woodbridge

Trunks in Manassas

Trunk in Woodbridge

Mid-century dressers in Manassas

Bedroom suite in Woodbridge

Serving ware in Manassas

Kitchen cart in Woodbridge

Sink and vanity in Manassas

Sink and vanity i..

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From fun to functional, antique to contemporary, the Habitat ReStores in Manassas and Woodbridge have something for everyone. Come in and browse the variety. Here are some photos to get you started.

Cabinets in Woodbridge

Furniture in Manassas

Vanities in Woodbridge

Vanities and sinktops in Manassas

Children’s bed in Woodbridge

Children’s bed in Manassas

There are beds and bedroom suites in a multitude of sizes at both stores. This suite..

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Ah, September. The kids are back in school and hurricanes are afoot! We’ve had some special donations blow in this week. Browse through these photos and come in to the ReStores in Manassas and Woodbridge to browse, too.

Have you set up your student’s study area? If not, you should come get this outstanding desk. Or, maybe you’ll want it for your home office instead! In Manassas

This beautiful trunk could be used for storage or as a coffee tab..

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Find pavers, tile, windows, doors and other building materials at the ReStores in Manassas and Woodbridge for your home improvement projects. There’s plenty of furniture, appliances and home decor, too. Browse through the photos in this week’s blog post to see some of the items that were in the ReStore today!

Pavers in Manassas

Shingles in Woodbridge

Pallets of ceramic tile in Manassas

Balusters in Woodbridge

Vanity in Manassas

Vanity in ..

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