Claudia Andrade

Claudia Andrade is used to taking care of others, not the other way around. A caregiver at a senior nursing facility and mother of four, Claudia contacted Habitat after recognizing that several items had deteriorated and are now causing safety hazards for her family.

The stove in her Manassas townhouse is more than 30 years old is not working properly. All of the exterior wood trim around the windows and doors is rotted and leaking heavily when it rains. The fascia board and gutters need to be replaced and the roof is leaking in the rear of her home.

The bricks under the kitchen window are loose and falling out, causing water to leak into the kitchen. She currently has plastic covering the worst area of the bricks. The latches on her doors need to be replaced and the attic needs insulation.

These repairs must be made to ensure a safe and comfortable home for someone who provides a safe and comfortable environment for the most vulnerable in our community.

Volunteer work days at Claudia’s Manassas home will begin in mid-September and will be added to the Volunteer Calendar soon.



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