Argenia Anthony can be defined as a caring individual. Argenia worked in social services for twenty-five years before retiring from Fairfax County Government. She started out helping people determine their eligibility for services such as food stamps and Medicaid but ended up being a Medical Social Worker who connected people with specialists for their medical care. She was hard-pressed to say how many people she worked with over two and a half decades since her caseload included 35 people at any given time. She just knows that she was able to touch people’s lives and that they touched hers in turn.

But, today, her retirement benefits have run thin and the home she’s lived in for 27 years is showing its age. The roof and HVAC system are original to the home that was built in 1988. Most of the exterior trim needs to be repaired, replaced or painted.

We’d like to help this person who spent a career caring for others. We’d love to have your help! Please join us with your donations and volunteer time. We look forward to working with you.