We’re taking an appropriately timed winter break from construction while we’re lining up new projects for upcoming weeks! We received several applications for home repairs at the end of the year and are working through the evaluation process with each family. Here’s how Family Selection for Home Ownership and Home Repairs works:

The family submits a written application to Habitat for Humanity Prince William County. The written application is accompanied by documents that verify income and expenses for loan underwriting purposes, and, in the case of home repairs, proof of home ownership and currency on taxes, insurance, mortgage payments and other bills.

Staff and Family Selection Committee members make home visits to develop a partnership with the family that is the basis of the agreement between the family and Habitat for Humanity, and, in the case of home repairs, to evaluate the property, write a Scope of Work and set a preliminary budget for repairs.

The Family Selection Committee carefully considers each application to gauge the family’s need, ability to repay a loan and willingness to partner long-term with Habitat for Humanity. The Board of Directors has final approval authority for determining partners for home ownership.

Once approved, work is scheduled. Keep your calendars open and watch this newsletter for upcoming dates to volunteer! If you have an interest in serving on the Family Selection Committee, please e-mail Dona Byron, Programs Coordinator. If you’d like to learn more about applying for home ownership or home repairs, here’s a link to our Home Ownership Interest Form or Home Repair Interest Form!



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