On Saturday, June 7, volunteers from Bank of America: Jamie McLellan, Paul Tuppeny and Walter Walker;and Habitat volunteers Lynda Fullem, David Gross, Maggy Machado and Don McCubbin pitched in with the Georgetown Village Homeowners’ Association to paint the neighborhood curbs, paint the playground walls, pick up trash and cover/repair vandalism throughout the Woodbridge community.

Woodbridge district supervisor, Frank Principi, dropped by the site and showed his support for the project and expressed his appreciation for everyone coming together to keep our communities safe and beautiful.

Special thanks to Potomac High School volunteers Miguel Torres, Luis Torres and Humberto Zarco who distributed flyers in the Georgetown Village subdivision and to the Dumfries Dunkin Donuts who donated coffee and donuts!

Please check out the photo gallery of the day! Thanks to Bank of America for their sponsorship!
Bank of America



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