Last week, Habitat for Humanity Prince William County partnered with Transitional Housing100_0193 B.A.R.N. to paint three rooms and a bathroom for a mother and her children who needed immediate shelter. Very special thanks to Charles Jules, Tarek Kalash, Mary Lewis, Sandy Stark, Kenneth Thomas and Dave Williams who volunteered with us at B.A.R.N. and got all the painting finished. We are so thankful for our volunteers who help make our vision become reality: A world where everyone has a decent place to live.

About Transitional Housing BARN: Guided by a strong belief in the integrity and dignity of homeless women and their children, Transitional Housing BARN, Inc. is committed to providing families with transitional housing and access to supportive services to promote healing, growth and self-sufficiency. BARN is about helping families to overcome the obstacles – emotional, technical and financial – that have derailed their lives. Once these barriers are breached, these families can (and do) thrive.




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