STAR club takes interest in Habitat

Habitat for Humanity Prince William County was invited to Baldwin Elementary School to talk to their STAR Club (Students Taking on Active Roles) about affordable housing. During the 2-day event, STAR 3rd and 4th grade students were informed about the affordable housing crisis, how Habitat plays a role in addressing this issue and how students can help spread awareness in the community.

Learning the importance of home and advocacy

The STAR group was concerned about how affordable housing affects families. Students learned about the concept of home and how home can be anywhere you are with the people you love. While home may look very different to different people, STAR students left learning that we all feel most at home when we feel safe being just who we are. Also, Baldwin STARs learned about how Habitat advocates for affordable housing and how they can become future advocates that help spread awareness about this issue.

Learning about the process of building a home with Habitat

Students had the opportunity to work with our Programs Director and Community Outreach Leader by simulating Habitat’s process in building homes. STAR participants were shown how donations are received at the ReStore, what it takes to gather volunteer support and providing materials needed to build a home for a family. At the end of the event, students were presented a Certificate of Appreciation for taking on active leadership roles in the community.

Special Thanks

Habitat for Humanity Prince William County would like to thank Baldwin Elementary School for allowing us to come speak to this wonderful group of young leaders. We had a great time presenting to this vibrant group and the students were awesome, respectful, and fully engaged. Reaching out to our future leaders is another way Habitat gives back to the community and we look forward to seeing the work Baldwin STARs will do in their bright futures.