Cecily and Eddy met while working at the Home Depot in Springfield, Virginia. They married in 2008 and now share their Woodbridge home with their two children, Cecily’s grandmother and mother.

A tight-knit family, everyone pitches in to help. Cecily’s home daycare starts operating at 5:30 a.m. Cecily’s mom works an evening shift as a Certified Nursing Assistant in D.C. Both Cecily and her mom attend NOVA; Cecily is studying for her Early Childhood Development Certificate and hopes to continue at George Mason University with a minor in Special Education. Eddy works overnight at Home Depot and he and Grandma Esther also help out with the daycare.

Habitat for Humanity PWC will replace the boiler that is original to the home, replace asbestos siding from three sides of the exterior and replace non-functional windows throughout the home. The deck must be rebuilt for safety. And we’ll weatherize the home for energy efficiency.

Funds are needed for these projects and volunteer opportunities begin this Friday and Saturday! See our evaluation photos in the Photo Gallery. To help, click on the links below!





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