Habitat for Humanity Prince William County runs on a fiscal year from July 1 – June 30. We managed to squeeze one more community development project in on the last day of our fiscal year! Thank you to a team from DTRA and their families for helping us tackle a stream cleanup at Cow Branch that feeds into Neabsco Creek. 920 pounds of litter were pulled from the stream.

Want to help us protect our waterways?

Cleanup projects are part of Habitat for Humanity’s Neighborhood Revitalization (NR) program. We like to engage residents and community partners to revive neighborhoods and make them safe, inviting places to live. Community development projects improve the health and well-being of the general public. They revitalize public areas, remove blight, improve water quality and generally give residents improved access to public areas and a better sense of well-being and safety. 

If you’d like to participate in a Community Development project, or you know of one that should take place, please contact us at 703-369-6708 or programs@habitatpwc.org.