LaVerne Leven-Berry worked in the carpet business her husband owned for 40 years. The business closed after her husband passed away in 2010 from lung cancer and LaVerne struggled to maintain what she had. Shortly after his death, doctors discovered that LaVerne also had lung cancer and removed a portion of her lung. Not one to be defeated, LaVerne fought back to health. She now works as a home health aide, caring for two individuals.

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There’s a story behind every Habitat project

LaVerne and her husband bought their Woodbridge home 38 years ago. She raised two sons in the home and now watches three of her grandchildren in the mornings. LaVerne manages to work more than 50 hours a week in the healthcare business and still keep an impeccably neat and tidy home and lawn. She feels that keeping the home properly is an important legacy to the tireless energy and effort her husband made. She’s grateful for his pursuit to purchase the home and maintain it all those years.

What Habitat will do

LaVerne reported that woodpeckers were pecking the siding on the home. Habitat sent a pest control expert to the site for an evaluation. The expert determined that the paint may be peeling from the aluminum siding on its own without influence from the birds. However, woodpeckers are definitely pecking holes into the woodstove chimney, which is shiny. Apparently, the birds find their reflection very attractive. Habitat will treat the chimney with a surface product, will repaint the aluminum siding, will replace a wooden fence that is in disrepair, will replace a non-functioning water heater and will replace broken glass in a bay window.

How you can help  LaVerne and others

We invite you to work with us to provide safe and affordable housing in Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas Park. Habitat’s Home Repair programs, including its Home Preservation program, rely on your support through donations and volunteer time. Your generous donations make it possible for us to purchase the needed materials and tools for repairs. Your volunteer hours help us save money on labor.To give and to volunteer, click the links below. To watch the repairs as they progress, check in frequently by clicking the Family Story button below.

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