Delores Gee-Pailin grew up in Brooklyn, New York but transferred to Virginia with her husband’s job when she was a young adult. Her husband passed away in 2005, but Delores lives with loving family members. Delores has owned her Manassas townhome for eight years and shares the home with her daughter, Shakima, two granddaughters, Sonja and India, and a grandson, Bill.

Delores’ family has pulled together over the years and has made it through many challenges. Faced with multiple, debilitating health issues since 1997, Delores had to leave her job with a defense contractor that she held for twenty-five years. Shakima trained in the culinary arts and worked for a pizzeria until recently when she found a job as a chef with an upscale winery and restaurant. India and Bill are young adults and work in retail and Sonja attends school. The family has two pets, Ginger, a “rescued” boxer and Pierre, a cockatiel. Pierre likes to chatter and compete for attention with the shy, but affectionate, Ginger. The animals and the family’s faith lift their spirits. Shakima says their faith and church have been their salvation.

The home needs immediate attention due to devastating water leaks. We will need to replace drywall and flooring once we repair the leaks. Please join us in our work to restore this loving family’s home and provide them with safe and stable housing. To donate, visit To volunteer, visit