The next time you’re near a train station or train tracks, don’t be surprised if you see family Chesterpartner, Chester Kamuda, with his canine buddy of 14 years, Shadow. A train enthusiast, Chester has traveled thousands of miles across the rails both as a passenger and observer.

Originally from Connecticut, this retired Army veteran ended up in Manassas after being assigned to the Pentagon. Chester is disabled and has had many surgeries on his knees, including total knee replacements. He’s lived in his Manassas townhouse since 1990 and has owned it since 2005.

All of the windows in Chester’s house are in need of repair as cold air streams through during the winter months. The back door, exterior siding, plumbing and electric wiring need repair. The home needs to be insulated and both bathrooms need to be caulked. Both outside faucets are damaged and will be replaced. For added safety, we will install grab bars in the bathrooms. These repairs will help ensure that Chester and Shadow have a safe and comfortable home for years to come.

We are getting started at Chester’s house this Saturday. If you’d like to volunteer at the work site, please sign up today on the Volunteer Calendar. Thanks in advance for your help!



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