Woodbridge Homeowner Burdened by Pesky Leak

Jeru Bashir lives in the Woodbridge home he purchased in 1986. A former truck driverJeru Bashir and
transportation director, Jeru is now on disability after suffering a stroke. Now that his four kids are grown, Jeru lives alone on a limited income and needs a hand up with some home repairs.

A leak in his upper-level bathroom shower has caused the ceiling to partially collapse in the downstairs bedroom closet. Currently, a bucket sits in the closet to catch the constantly dripping water, but as a result of the leak, mold has formed. Habitat will find and fix the leak, replace the ceiling and remediate the mold.

Also, a piece of siding has fallen off the house and will be replaced. Plus, the overgrown shrubs will be removed and/or trimmed away from the house. We are looking forward to getting Jeru’s home in tip-top shape again.

A volunteer work day has been scheduled for Jeru on Thursday, Sept. 4. Please sign up on the Volunteer Calendar today if you’d like to help out with repairs.



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