Some things are worth more effort and time and home ownership is one of them according to our newest Family Partner, Armando Vargas. Originally from Mexico, Armando moved to Manassas fifteen years ago and found reliable employment.  An organized and goal-oriented man, Armando has checked other items that were worth waiting for off his bucket list: he became a U.S. citizen, married and he became a father. Home ownership is one of the next logical steps as he prepares to bring his wife, Maria Dolores, and child, Fabrizio, to the United States. The two live in Mexico with family and Armando is looking forward to the day their visas are approved and he can bring them to the United States to live with him.

Armando worked through Habitat for Humanity’s application process this spring and with a Family Selection Committee recommendation, the Board of Directors voted to approve the application in May. Armando has taken all of the Homeowner Education classes offered by the Virginia Cooperative Extension and has worked in the ReStore to complete thirty-five hours of sweat equity as a “down payment” before we start rehabbing a townhouse in the Georgetown South neighborhood in Manassas for the family. Once the townhouse is rehabbed and Armando has finished a total of 250 hours of sweat equity, the home will be sold to him with an affordable mortgage. One more item will be checked off his list!

We look forward to partnering with this hard-working man who is willing to take the steady path to reach his goals and dreams, even when the path is long or difficult. We hope you’ll join us in making Armando’s dream for his family a reality!