Charlotte Golladay lives in a house in Manassas that is one hundred five (105) years old. She, herself, has lived in it for nearly 50 years. The house’s cellar has stairs carved out of Virginia clay. The studs and joists are old, true, “2 x” oak and one can see the beautiful old wall that is original to the house is made of oak planks that are about 10 inches wide. Many updates have been made to the house over the years but the house is ready for some maintenance work that will provide stability. Water runoff from the roof has rotted a window frame and insulation is missing from under the floors above the cellar.

Charlotte was one of nine children born in Brentsville, VA. While still a teen, she worked at the home of a local family where she cooked, kept house and watched the family’s children. She took her first job in 1974 when she went to work at Bonanza in Warrenton. It was there that she learned how to bar-tend. She spent the next 42 years bar-tending at the Holiday Inn and Anthony’s Restaurant in Manassas.

Habitat will try to divert some of the water from the roof that is causing problems with the frame and foundation. We will also insulate the cellar ceiling to provide more energy efficiency. We’d like to make this home safe and stable for Charlotte and we’d love to have your help! Please join us with your donations and volunteer time. We look forward to working with you.