Parkway Pond Clean-Up with Fulton Bank

Fulton Bank employees volunteered with Habitat for Humanity on Saturday, September 29, at the “Parkway Pond”.

The Parkway Pond is part of the Neabsco Creek Watershed. It’s located on property owned by Prince William County. Habitat for Humanity Prince William County regularly volunteers in partnership with the PWC Department of Public Works to address cleanups at sites like this. The Parkway Pond is Habitat for Humanity Prince William County’s official Adopt-a-Stream (AAS) site.

Litter flows down the storm drains from nearby shopping centers into the Parkway Pond. So, this becomes a regular clean up site for Habitat’s volunteers. Litter grabbers, trash bags and gloves that were provided by the PWC Soil and Water Conservation District. In addition to cleaning up the litter, volunteers installed fencing material at strategic locations to help keep the litter out of the watershed.

Tim Hughes, an Engineering Assistant with the Watershed Management Branch and Environmental Services Division of Prince William County’s Department of Public Works, coordinated the effort with Habitat for Humanity. John Blake, Construction Manager, and Aron Perkins, Program Director with Habitat for Humanity, led volunteers from our sponsoring organization, Fulton Bank. The Prince William County Department of Public Works hauled away the trash after the volunteers bagged it. The volunteers collected 80 pounds on this visit.

Want to help us keep the Parkway Pond clean?

Community Development projects like the Parkway Pond cleanup are part of Habitat for Humanity’s Neighborhood Revitalization program (NR). The NR program engages the residents of neighborhoods and other community partners. The NR program revives neighborhoods and makes them safe, inviting places to live.

Habitat’s community development projects improve the health and well-being of Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas Park residents. Together with volunteers, Habitat revitalizes public areas, removes blight, improves water quality and generally gives residents improved access to public areas and a better sense of well-being and safety.

If you’d like to participate in a Habitat for Humanity Community Development project, or you know of one that should take place, please contact us at 703-369-6708 or

Our many thanks to the volunteers from Fulton Bank who participated on Saturday: Nury Mena, Michael Paulson, Michael Ryan Paulson, Seema Shah and Lamont McKenzie.