Habitat for Humanity’s Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI) allows us to serve low-income families by engaging residents and other community partners to revive neighborhoods and make them safe, inviting places to live.

Our neighborhood Revitalization Initiative delivers a wide array of housing solutions such as making minor exterior repairs; providing critical home repairs that alleviate critical health, life, and safety issues or housing code violations; rehabbing vacant and foreclosed homes or building new homes to provide home ownership opportunities for low-income families; and improving the energy efficiency of homes through weatherization.



If you would like to apply for our Critical Home Repair or Critical Home Repair for Veterans program, please fill out the Home Repair Interest Form. Once you have completed the interest form you will be emailed an application.
For more information, call 703-369-6708 or email Markus Crewe at mcrewe@habitatpwc.org.