Quantico resident, Robin Langham, is truly unique – she has lived in the small town of Quantico, Virginia, her entire life. Her parents set up shop there and began driving taxis for military personnel. Quantico is surrounded by the U.S. Marine Corps base and the town is small with around 500 residents. When asked what makes Quantico special, Robin’s eyes light up and she says “Everybody knows everybody – you’ve always got a friend here.”

Robin’s Story

Robin and her husband, Jimmy, were married for 21 years before he passed away in December. Their adult daughter, Ashley, and a family friend, Dee, live with Robin along with their four beagle-mix rescue dogs.

Robin has always worked in Quantico but lost her job as a clothing presser at a dry cleaner when the military went to “permanent press” uniforms that didn’t need ironing anymore. She currently works as lead housekeeper for a company that caters to the military.

Five years ago Robin suffered a stroke that left her unable to work and barely able to speak. She remembers desperately wanting to get back to work and her normal life with her family. Today Robin has completely recovered, works full-time again and serves on the Quantico Town Council.

How Habitat Will Help

Critical work is needed on Robin’s home in order for her to remain in the home and provide a safe place for her grandchildren to visit. We will remove and replace the existing roof; remove and replace the exterior siding as well as repair the interior damaged drywall.

Robin said of running for Town Council: “You promise people you’re going to be there for them and do your best.” We’d love for you to be there for her the way she has been there for her town! Please join us with your donations and volunteer time. We look forward to working with you!


Home Repairs aren’t accomplished without the contributions of many. We’d like to recognize the significant contributions of the following corporate donors for this project:

Manassas Rotary Club