On Thursday, Aug. 14, volunteers Tarek Kalash, Halle Lahammer, Heidi Lahammer, John Lahammer, Don McCubbin and Dave Williams prepped the attic for attic insulation (sealing, etc.) and prepped the bathroom floor for tiling.

On Friday, Aug. 15, volunteers Tarek Kalash, Don McCubbin, Diane Nelson and Elizabeth Page repaired window trim and installed the bathroom tile.

On Saturday, Aug. 16, volunteers David Gribble, Steve Ha, Zachary Logsdon and Yomar Valentin blew in the attic insulation. They also installed grab bars in the shower, fixed the bathroom faucet, and fixed the concrete on the rear steps.

Special thanks to family partner, Chester Kamuda, for donating lunch all three work days! Please visit the photo gallery!

We Need Volunteers this Weekend!

Because of vacation schedules and other summer commitments, we’re short on volunteers for this Saturday’s (Aug. 23) work day. We could use a hand if you’re available! Please sign up today on the Volunteer Calendar if you’d like to volunteer at the work site. Thanks!!



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