Margie, retired, is 85-years-old and lives in the Dumfries townhome she purchased four years ago. Margie grew up in Chicago and was the youngest of six children. Her father was a Pullman porter. She has four kids of her own, spread across the country, 15 grandkids and 10 great grandkids! Habitat for Humanity Prince William County gave Margie a hand up with some home repair projects including: replacing shingles and repairing rot; installing railings on the front and rear porch steps; repairing and sealing the very drafty front door; caulking, sealing and painting the windows and doors; replacing the rear sliding glass door; repairing the attached rear shed; sealing and insulating the attic to lower utility bills; securing the stair railing; replacing her stove; painting the rear fence; and fixing the HVAC unit. Margie’s pride of ownership shows as soon as you walk up to her home. She decorated her entrance with beautiful planters and flowers to welcome all of her guests. “I am frugal and purchase just about everything second hand, but I like to keep everything I have in good repair and tidy,” says Margie. “I believe that if I beautify my house, it may be an inspiration for others in my neighborhood to do the same.”