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December 29, 2015

Thank you for partnering with Habitat for Humanity in 2015. Your end-of-year donation will help us launch an even better 2016!

2015 has been quite a year. You helped us replace the heating and air conditioning system at the home of a Veteran and his son, weatherize the home of a widow in Manassas, put up two roofs, repair floor joists, and stop plumbing leaks at a home where mold was becoming an issue. You helped us bring together hundreds of volunteers to clean up two dump sites, a neighborhood, and a storm water collection area. You helped us rehab a home for a family partner who will move into their home in January. And you helped us purchase a home in Woodbridge that we can rehab in 2016 for a deserving family. You were there to show your support while we worked through the Special Use Permit process to open a second ReStore in Woodbridge. And you’ve been behind us as we close the doors at the Manassas ReStore location and move to a bigger and better facility just down the road that will open in January.

Your end-of-year-donation will build a solid foundation for Habitat’s work in 2016. Together, we’ll find a family partner for the home we’ll rehab in Woodbridge, and, in 2016, we’ll gather to celebrate a Home Dedication with our 16th Family Partner!

We’ll celebrate the Grand Opening of the Manassas ReStore on January 23rd, and then we’ll celebrate again when the Woodbridge store opens sometime in the Spring!

We’ll work together to fix the homes of those less fortunate and provide safe shelter for their families so that they can grow and thrive and live more comfortably and affordably. We’ll join forces with hundreds of other volunteers and provide thousands of volunteer hours to make our neighborhoods cleaner, safer and healthier.

With all that goes on in the world, it’s nice to know that our work together has a positive impact on some ‘one’, some family, some neighborhood…our community. Thank you for supporting Habitat this year. Thank you for your gifts of time, your donations of materials and money, your prayers and encouragement. We wish you the best and look forward to partnering with you in 2016!

Traci DeGroat



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