Maggy Machado

On Wednesday, Aug. 20, volunteers Lynda Fullem, Don McCubbin, Diane Nelson, and Dave Williams helped Construction Crew Leader, John Blake, with wrap-up repairs at Dorothy Obenchain’s home in Manassas Park. Thanks so much for helping us out on a Wednesday!

Thanks to all of our office volunteers from Aug. 19 – 25: Megan Beverage, Jim Floyd, Phyllis Hall, Melanie McCarley, Betty Reichert, Alliaa Sayed and Ryan Tucker.

Thanks to all of our ReStore volunteers from Aug. 19 – 25: George Braun, Jo Dyer, Lynn Eklund, Alice Fontana, Evan King, Mark Luiggi, Maggy Machado (pictured), Don McCubbin, Betty Samuels, Saronda Savage and Benjamin Ye.



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