Melanie McCarley 2

Melanie McCarley is a new office volunteer who helps us on Tuesdays with answering the phones, greeting guests and general office tasks. Thanks, Melanie!

Thanks to all of our ReStore volunteers from July 1 – 7: Josh Blaz, George Braun, Karen Brizuela, Evan D’Elia, Averi Drummer, Kaylob Engstrom, Ellen Jacobson, Mark Luiggi, Maggy Machado, Marie Martinet, Don McCubbin, Vladmir Morales, Austin Nathaniel, Catherine Ray, Nick Visger, Matt Watkins, Derrick Williams and Talor Yoswa.

Thanks to our office volunteers from July 1 – 7: Megan Beverage, Rebecca Custis, Jim Floyd, Melanie McCarley, Betty Reichert and Ryan Tucker.

Interested in Volunteering for Habitat?

We’d love to have you! Please call 703-369-6708 or email



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