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Friday volunteers (l to r): Patrick Ryfa, Karen Brizuela and Devin Shiple at the Choudry home repair project in Woodbridge.












On Thursday, May 29, and Friday, May 30, volunteers Karen Brizuela, Al Harris, Tarek Kalash, Maggy Machado, Patrick Ryfa and Devin Shiple worked with Habitat to repair and paint drywall, finish making repairs on the back porch and replace a damaged interior door at the Choudry family’s Woodbridge home.

Two more volunteer work days have been added for this Thursday and Friday (June 5 & 6) at the Choudry work site. If you have the time, we have the tools! Please sign up on the Volunteer Calendar.

Please view the photo gallery to see the progress! Thanks to the Choudry family for donating lunch last weekend!

Micron-Logo  Many thanks to Micron Technology, Inc. for their Home Crafter sponsorship!



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