Patrick Hassan

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran, Patrick Hassan, owns a home in Gainesville, Virginia. It is sorely in need of repairs and the County has issued notice of potential citations if they are not completed. Water lines, plumbing fixtures, doors, cabinets, floors, windows, trim…all need attention.


Patrick served in the Marine Corps from 1969-1975. After his service, he settled in his native Virginia and earned his livelihood as a surveyor. Patrick and his wife, Gina, purchased their home in 1984. The couple had two boys, Keegan and Cody. Gina passed away while the boys were young so Patrick raised them himself. Both are accomplished young men who remain close to their Dad. But, they are grown and have families. And, Patrick has rheumatoid arthritis and cannot complete the work himself.

What is needed

Habitat will do extensive work on his home to bring it up to code and to have potential zoning citations dismissed. With the assistance of volunteers on a snowy day in December, Habitat cleaned up debris in the yard and abated that potential citation. Soon, we will repair damaged walls, replace insulation, repair or replace plumbing fixtures, shore up floors, take care of trim, window and door frames, and diagnose and repair the sanitary drainage system. We’d love to have your help! Please join us with your donations and volunteer time. We look forward to working with you!

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We’d like to thank BAE Systems and The Home Depot Foundation for their contributions to this project.