In partnership with the Prince William County Department of Public Works, Habitat for Humanity volunteers stabilized a stream bank in Nokesville on Saturday, May 14, 2016. Stream erosion can carry away irreplaceable soil, degrade the appearance of a community and pose a hazard during floods whereas a healthy stream can be an important water resource for humans, livestock, fish and wildlife. Members of the Kappa Lambda Chi Military Fraternity stabilized three stream sections and rerouted the stream flow at one section.

A second group of volunteers cleared away a huge pile of logs, limbs and branches and stacked the logs from a tree that was cut down. Our many thanks to Habitat Volunteer Team Leader Diane Nelson and Tim Hughes, Engineering Assistant from the Watershed Management Branch and Environmental Services Division of PWC’s Public Works Department, for leading the groups.

Shown here with Team Leaders Nelson and Hughes, volunteers from Kappa Lambda Chi included Zackery Friend, Robert Coleman, Demarcus Benson, Darryl Alexander, Michael VanHorn, Shaun Hickman, Xavier Jones, Rick Roger, James Lott and Jimmy Coates.

Pictured here with Team Leader, Diane Nelson, afternoon volunteers included Jessica Say, Mary Ta and Bryan Vu. To learn how your group can be involved in Habitat for Humanity’s Community Development projects, give us a call at 703-369-6708 or send an e-mail at