Robert Chaney Sr. and Robert Chaney Jr. donated lunch for the volunteers at the Mian-Chohan worksite on Saturday, June 13. Lunch volunteers work with us to schedule a day when they can bring food and fixings for the hungry crews that work on our construction site and at our ReStore. Volunteers have done everything from grilling hot dogs at the site, to making a lasagne, to purchasing a pizza or serving up sandwiches, chips and fruit. We provide a record of volunteer time and if the donor provides a receipt, a donation acknowledgement that can be used for tax purposes. If you have not registered as a volunteer, click the Volunteer Calendar link below to register (“New Volunteer Registration” box at the top of the calendar). Currently, we have a request posted on the Volunteer Calendar for Monday, June 29th, if you’d like to bring lunch to the volunteers at the ReStore. More construction site dates will be posted in July!

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