Habitat family partners, Carlos and Margaret Orama, purchased their Manassas home brand new in 1987. Manassas residents since 1982, Margaret is now retired on disability and Carlos, also disabled, works part time at a local grocery store. The Oramas are a loving couple who have known each other since they were teenagers. They discovered later in life that they grew up just blocks from each other in Manhattan but didn’t actually meet until both their families moved to Puerto Rico. After meeting in Puerto Rico they got engaged and moved back to the United States.

In the 26 years since purchasing their home, wear and tear has caused some repair and safety concerns that must be addressed. The front door is uneven and is not flush with the front stoop, causing water to seep into the basement. The door frame is damaged and rotted, causing even more water leakage and substantial air flow into the house.

Habitat replaced the front door and framing; secured the iron railings on the front steps; replaced the front and back gutters; replaced, painted and caulked  the fascia and trim boards; repaired and stained the fence; plus, insulated the attic.

Special thanks to Centreville Presbyterian Church for sponsoring this project.