Furniture in Manassas

Baker’s Rack in Woodbridge

Individual cabinets in Manassas (there are cabinet sets, too!)

Small appliances in Woodbridge

Stylish dresser in Manassas

Dining chairs in Woodbridge

Tile in Manassas

Tile in Woodbridge

Trunks in Manassas

Trunk in Woodbridge

Mid-century dressers in Manassas

Bedroom suite in Woodbridge

Serving ware in Manassas

Kitchen cart in Woodbridge

Sink and vanity in Manassas

Sink and vanity in Woodbridge

Coffee table with stools in Manassas

Armchair in Woodbridge

Granite in Manassas

Windows in Woodbridge

Doors in Manassas

Dining in Woodbridge

Dining in Manassas

Wicker vanity and chair in Woodbridge

Armoire in Manassas

Refrigerators in Woodbridge

Paint in Manassas

Chair in Woodbridge

See something you’d like in the photos? You’re always welcome to call first to see if an item is still available. Then again, coming to shop is even better. Who knows what treasures you’ll find that have been donated on any given day. Visit our Manassas ReStore at 10159 Hastings Dr, the corner of Hastings Drive and Dumfries Road. You’ll find our Woodbridge ReStore at 14055 Noblewood Plaza (the corner of the Prince William Parkway and Minneville Road).

Do you have extra items in your home, garage, attic or shed that you’d like to donate to the ReStore?

Bring them by any time we’re open. If your items are too large to bring yourself, call us for a free pick up in Prince William County, Manassas or Manassas Park, 703-369-6145. Or you can e-mail us at

If you’d like to see more items that have been donated to the ReStore this week, like and follow our Facebook pages at HabitatReStore.Manassas and HabitatPrinceWilliam.

If you’d like to volunteer, click here.



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