Did you know that many of our Prince William County teachers, police officers, and administrative professionals live paycheck to paycheck, earning less than $55,000 a year? The high cost of living in our area forces many hardworking families to make impossible decisions. Rent or health care? Food or transportation? It’s painful to realize that some of our neighbors are caught in a punishing cycle of unpredictable rent increases, struggling to raise their children in overcrowded, unhealthy housing, and suffering from constant financial instability.

Starting tomorrow – Wednesday, May 22 – you and I have unique 24-hour opportunity to ensure lower-income families have the strength and stability to thrive in our community. 

Habitat PWC’s DoMore24 campaign is set to raise $2500 in just 24 hours. With your generous support, we can “Do More” in the community through our home preservation, critical home repair, weatherization, and homeownership programs. Your donation today will help lower-income families and seniors build a foundation for greater stability with the opportunity to spend more on quality food, medicine, child care, education, and other essentials.

Remember we only have one day to reach our goal of $2500 and the clock is ticking! Please donate now. Your donation is needed now more than ever; no matter the amount. Every donation will help us build lives as well as homes in our community.Many thanks for your generous support of Habitat PWC. YOU make our work possible!