A young lady walked into the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Woodbridge with her Dad two weeks ago and told the Woodbridge ReStore Manager, Beverly Moreno, that she wanted to make a cash donation. She handed over $40 and that’s all we would have known if Beverly hadn’t quickly thought to ask her name and capture a phone number. While we waited for a return phone call from the young lady’s parents, the next Saturday a young man walked into the store and donated $131.50. We were pleasantly surprised to hear from Philip Levy the following Monday, who let us know that both donors were the children of he and his wife, Sophia.

Talia Levy

Herschel Levy

Talia Levy is twelve year’s old. She’s a 7th grade student at Graham Park Middle School and is active in the Girl Scouts and on the school’s track and softball teams. Additionally, she tutors math for a fifth grader who lives in the neighborhood and mows the lawn at the family’s home.

Talia, mowing the family’s lawn

Herschel Levy is ten. He is in the 5th grade at Rosa Parks Elementary School. He does yard work and miscellaneous housework for a neighbor and also shares in the mowing at the family’s home. Other activities that he enjoys are ice hockey and playing Fortnite.

Herschel, leveling pavers at the neighbor’s house

Philip and Sophia talked to the kids after our phone call, and while they were not expecting any sort of recognition, everyone agreed that it’s nice to know that every contribution makes an impact.

Philip explained to us that the kids put aside 10% of all the money they earn in “giving” envelopes. It started to build up because they earned quite a bit this year and it was more than they could drop into coin donation boxes at places like the grocery store.

The family recently called the Restore for a pickup of furniture they wanted to donate. They did a little research, talked about Habitat for Humanity’s mission and the mission of the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and decided that they liked that their contribution would support the local community.

Thank you to the Levy family! We are truly impressed with your giving spirit and resourcefulness.



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